Panda Natural Power earns title of 'Most eco-friendly car' of 2013

Friday, November 23, 2012

  • A Swiss jury has awarded the prestigious title to the first car in the world fitted with a methane-fuelled two-cylinder engine.
  • Heading the list of ten competitors, including some hybrid and electric vehicles, Fiat's new city-car won out thanks to its environmental and economic benefits together with excellent driving performance.
  • Thanks to the new 80 HP 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Natural Power, which boasts reduced CO2 emissions - 86 g/km, a Fiat Group record and one of the best on the market - and limited consumption: 3.1 kg/100 km in the combined cycle.

The Fiat Panda Natural Power was selected as the Most eco-friendly car in Switzerland in 2013, beating the other nine contenders, including some hybrid and electric versions. Sponsored by the magazine 'Schweizer Illustrierte', the prestigious title was conferred yesterday during the formal ceremony at the Umweltarena, Spreitenbach, the leading Swiss centre for environmental technology.

The new 80 HP Panda TwinAir Turbo Natural Power is the first car in the world to be fitted with a lively, small methane/petrol-fuelled two-cylinder engine with turbocharger. It has a high specific power rating and high torque delivery, to perfectly combine reduced consumption and fun at the wheel. Thanks to the new Panda's features - wider track and torsion beam rear suspension with more rolling rigidity specifically designed for the methane version - the handling and comfort of the Panda Natural Power is a marked improvement on the previous generation, making the car even safer and more pleasant to drive.

Available in 4 or 5-seater versions and in the Pop, Easy, Lounge and Trekking trim levels, the new 80 HP Fiat Panda 0.9 TwinAir Turbo Natural Power ensures reduced CO2 levels (86 g/km) and limited consumption (3.1 kg/100 km in the combined type-approval cycle) when running on methane. It should be noted that this vehicle's emissions are an absolute record for Fiat Group cars and one of the lowest on the entire market.

Range is also excellent, an increase of approximately 10% compared to the Panda Classic 1.4 Natural Power, despite 30% better performance. The arrangement of the two methane tanks under the car's floor panel also allows the luggage compartment capacity to remain the same as on the petrol and diesel versions. Last but not least, in addition to having access to town centres with environmental traffic restrictions, the new methane-fuelled Panda can use underground car parks and travel on ferries.

It should be noted that the Panda TwinAir Turbo Natural Power - like all Fiat methane or LPG-fuelled cars - is original equipment (OEM) that is, factory manufactured, guaranteed by Fiat itself and marketed through the brand's normal dealership network. In this way, customers can be sure that safety standards are complied with and that quality and reliability are paramount, in addition to enjoying lower running costs and the implementation of the most advanced technologies in this field.

The Panda TwinAir Turbo Natural Power extends an "ecological" range which is unique in Europe and which has certainly contributed significantly to the records acknowledged in the latest research by JATO, world leader in automotive consultancy and research. For the fifth year running, Fiat is the brand with the lowest level of CO2 emissions of cars sold in Europe in 2011, with an average value of 118.2 g/km (4.9 g/km less than the 2010 average). That's without mentioning the over 500,000 cars and commercial vehicles which were sold from 1997 up to today in the Natural Power range.

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