Personality, comfort and load capacity:
the Fiat Tipo 5Doors and Station Wagon pair
dynamic and refined style with comfort and


Monday, May 02, 2016

Fiat Tipo 5Doors and Station Wagon

Personality, comfort and load capacity: the Fiat Tipo 5Doors and Station Wagon pair dynamic and refined style with comfort and versatility.

Engines and transmissions: six Euro 6 engines (diesel, petrol and bifuel) and three types of transmission. Power ratings from 95 to 120 HP.

Technology: ingenious solutions that improve life on board.

Safety: six airbags and stability control standard throughout the range.

EMEA range: four trim levels that follow a simple, straightforward logic rich in added features.

FCA Bank: tailored finance and leasing for private individuals, professionals and companies.

Mopar for the new Fiat Tipo 5Doors and Station Wagon: Mopar offers accessories and services for every need.


Like the 4Doors model, the Fiat Tipo 5Doors and Station Wagon are welcoming, practical and ideal for comfortable journeys. The designers adhered to the most modern ergonomic criteria in defining the parameters that measure the car's capacity to respond to the needs for onboard wellbeing and comfort. The final result is excellent basic ergonomics: comfort, space reconfiguration, accessibility, visibility and driving posture.

The Tipo 5Doors and Station Wagon easily accommodate five passengers, enabling tall people up to 1.87 m in height at the front and 1.80 m on the back row to travel in comfort at the same time. The secret is the regular shape of the rear end, thanks to the horizontal roof profile, which gives passengers added centimetres of headroom in the cabin. Legroom is also top-in-class: there are 1.07 metres between the edge of the front seat and the passenger's heel and 934 millimetres for the rear seat (the latter value is typical of higher segment cars). Not least important, the rear middle seat has been designed as a full-sized seat offering enough legroom to make every trip pleasant, even for adult occupants.

The load capacity is also class-leading: 440 litres for the 5Doors and 550 litres for the Station Wagon. The latter adopts several solutions that increase the convenience and usability of the boot, such as Magic Cargo Space. First, the boot sill is low and stepless, to facilitate loading even the bulkiest of packages. Second, the loading floor is reconfigurable: it can be lowered to maximise capacity and locked at a 40° angle to enable the load to occupy the underlying space. At the sides of the luggage compartment there are two side panels for holding small items, which can be removed to further increase the width of the luggage compartment. The roller blind that covers the load can be easily removed and stored under the floor panel. Two lights, two bag hooks and four load-retaining hooks positioned on the floor provide added convenience. Finally, in case 550 litres were insufficient, the flip-and-fold rear seat with 60/40 split can be folded down to obtain a flat and even loading surface measuring 1.80 m in length.

The interior of vehicles in the Tipo family features numerous compartments with a variety of shapes and capacities totalling no less than 12 litres, to satisfy all needs. Easily reachable by driver and passengers, these compartments are perfect for storing personal objects, smartphones, game consoles, bottles, coins and much more. Furthermore, there is a media centre for connecting devices in front of the gear lever.

Maximum comfort is also assured by the excellent ergonomic driving seat, which combined with the new dashboard layout ensures great visibility. In particular, the driving position is one of the strengths of the Fiat Tipo.

The angular position of the steering wheel gives the driver a feeling of safety and control, as does the perfect arrangement of the controls (climate control system, radio and control panel) which can be reached easily without the driver having to take their eyes off the road or lift their shoulders from the backrest. Passengers also enjoy superlative comfort, as demonstrated by the rear row of seats, which is suitably shaped and densely padded to comfortably accommodate three adults.

Customer needs informed the development of the new Fiat Tipo 4Doors, 5Doors and Station Wagon. From a design point of view, the result is common to all the versions: a fusion of style and functionality combined with dynamics shapes. The exterior stands out for its combination of dynamism and ruggedness, with a decisive look and balanced proportions that provide a natural flow between spaces. The front is enhanced by the horizontal-mesh grille embellished with chrome inserts, which are aligned dynamically to form an original graphic motif that complements the Fiat emblem. The LED daytime running lights further emphasise the car's strong character. The long, shaped bonnet is common to the Tipo 4Doors, but the rear silhouette of the 5Doors is compact and sporty, whereas the Station Wagon has a balanced rear that conveys spaciousness. The sides of both cars are dominated by a firm line running from the front lights to the sculpted taillights. The colour range comprises eight colours: Gelato White, Maestro Grey, Colosseo Grey, Pearl Sand, Magnetic Bronze, Amore Red, Mediterraneo Blue and Cinema Black.

The exterior appearance is influenced by the passenger compartment, which has a robust look and a strong personality that are underlined by its horizontal layout. The contours are streamlined and all lines are designed to draw the attention outside, so as to maximise the occupants' feeling of comfort and spaciousness. Precious chrome elements envelop the entire width of the dashboard and delineate the radio, gearbox and climate controls, lending a modern touch to the interior.

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