The “Fiat Likes U” project is even more international

Monday, September 28, 2015


The last stage of the second edition of Fiat Likes U, the project created by Fiat and the Italian Ministry of Education, and sponsored by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, is about to start. Until now, sixteen universities have joined the initiative and over 785 thousand students have been involved.

Activities will be be kicked off in the last universities involved in the project in the wave of the success of the past edition, in which - for the first time in Europe - an auto manufacturer teamed up with universities in an advantageous, concrete, simple operation packed with opportunities in terms of mobility, study and employment. After Palermo and Catania, this week, between the end of September and the beginning of October, it will be the turn of Aarhus University in Denmark, University Politechnica of Bucharest in Romania and the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia.

The project expresses Fiat's dedication to providing answers to the real, everyday mobility needs of young people, who are increasingly more aware of environmental and economical issues.

Young motorists pay great attention to reducing environmental impact. At the same time, they want their cars to be fuel-efficient, cheap to run and affordable. Having suitable payment plans is a bonus. Specific demands like these need equally specific answers. This is why Fiat offers concrete solutions which are available now, right away, for everyone.

Fiat is providing a car sharing service, entirely free of charge, with the goal of promoting sustainable mobility by fostering the rational use of cars and contributing to increasing awareness on environmental issues in universities.

Using the car sharing service is easy. Students simply need to log onto or, book the car and pick it up in the dedicated area near the University. They must return the car to the same place at the agreed time. The car can be used as they want for 24 hours during the week or for a weekend. The vehicles of the Fiat Likes U car sharing project made available to Italian universities are equipped with eco:Drive, the application developed by Fiat which analyses driving style by collecting vehicle data and suggesting personalised tips aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The success of Fiat Likes U is confirmed by the numbers: over three thousand uses during the project, over half a million kilometres, many interviews posted on YouTube and over 100 thousand visitors to the Fiat Likes U website where complete information on the project can be found.

The “Fiat Likes U” project is even more international_Image
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